Bose 900 vs Samsung Q950A vs Bose 700 | Which one Best Soundbar to Buy?

Bose 900 vs Samsung Q950A vs Bose 700: This post is going to be head-on and side by side Bose 700 vs Samsung Q950A vs Bose 900 Soundbarcomparison, in which we are going to review and compare specs, sound quality and features to find out which one is really the best soundbar to buy for you in terms of sound quality, specs & features, design, and connectivity.

So let’s begin and compare them side by side,

Side by Side Comparison

Bose 900 vs Samsung Q950A vs Bose 700: Which one is best?

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  • Description
  • Brand/Store
  • Availability
  • User Rating
  • Review
  • General
  • Connectivity Source
  • Placement type
  • Soundbar Buttons
  • Audio Features
  • Amplification type
  • Built-in channels
  • Separate speaker (in package)
  • Speaker connectivity
  • Side/Up Firing Speakers
  • Output power, W
  • Subwoofer
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • Separate Subwoofer connectivity
  • Separate Subwoofer included
  • Streaming Services
  • Amazon Music
  • Apple Music (AirPlay)
  • Spotify
  • Other streaming services
  • Connectivity
  • AUX/3.5mm Jack
  • Bluetooth
  • Coaxial input/output
  • Ethernet (RJ45)
  • HDMI input/output
  • Optical digital input/output
  • Analog (RCA) input/output
  • USB
  • WI-FI
  • Controls
  • App control
  • Remote control
  • Voice control
  • Supports
  • Mic
  • Multi-room support
  • Multichannel Audio Formats
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Dolby (other)
  • DTS:X
  • DTS (other)
  • User Manual
  • Manual
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  • Item Weight
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Audio/Sound Quality

First, let’s talk about Bose 900 vs 700, both models have pretty much similar specs and features like both are 5.1 built-in channels and support wireless bose family (separate wireless speakers and subwoofers), which means you can connect multiple speakers and subwoofers and enjoy multi-room connectivity.

Both modes only come with soundbars and to enjoy a better sound experience you have to make some purchases additionally.

Bose smart soundbar 900 has up-firing speakers and audio support of Dolby atoms along with Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound.

But in Bose 700 there is no up-firing speakers and Dolby atoms, only Dolby Digital and DTS available.

Now let’s review Samsung HW-Q950A audio quality and features,

Samsung Q950a comes with 11.4.1 (11 prime speakers, 4 up-firing and side-firing speakers, 1 built-in subwoofer), which combines produce 646W audio output with overall 3D surround sound.

Plus, Q950a also comes with 2 separate wireless speakers (955s model) and 1 separate wireless subwoofer.

Bose 900 vs Samsung Q950A vs Bose 700
Samsung Q950a Soundbar system

And it supports many audio technologies like Dolby atoms, Dolby digital plus audio, Dolby TrueU HD, Dolby Vision, DTS:X virtual, DTS surround sound.

No doubt, why it’s called king os soundbars.

Unlike Bose 900 and 700, Samsung Q950A audio is superior and has better technologies involved to give a real cinema theatre-like experience.

It also comes with more sound enhancement features including Adaptive Sound Mode, SpaceFit+ Sound, a graphic EQ and presets.

Winner: Samsung Q950A as it has far better sound quality and enhancements.

Connectivity & Control

Bose 900 and 700, both have HDMI Arc (eArc supported), Optical port, Ethernet, HDMI CEC, and port of additional speaker or subwoofer.

Plus there’s also Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity available, which makes them a smart soundbar.

NOTE: There are no HDMI input or output available in both models.

And you can control them by Universal remote, Alexa/Google Voice control and from Bose App.

As for Samsung Q950A, It has all major connectivity ports such as HDMI input/out, HDMI Arc (eArc supported), Optical, HDMI CEC.

And for smart wireless connectivity, it has Bluetooth multi-connection and Wifi.

Users can control it from Remote, built-in Alexa voice control and Samsung smart app.

Conclusion – Winner

Although all these compared soundbars are best, but most better choices are Bose 900 and Q950A.

And Samsung Q950a is the king!

It’s total audio output is 616W, Also it has better built-in channels 11.1.4 with a separate wireless subwoofer combined with 2 rear 955s speakers.

Plus, Q950A is also supported by Apple AirPlay 2 now, and it even comes with some new sound features, like SpaceFit Sound and NFC supported TapSound.

Bose 900 vs Samsung Q950A vs Bose 700
Samsung Q950A

And if your Tv is also by Samsung Q series then its Q sync features get more out of your Tv, as it uses TV speakers along with a soundbar to give an overall better sound experience.

As for connectivity as supports Wifi and Bluetooth multi-connection, along with all important ports.

The best thing is there’s also multi-room connectivity, which means users can connect other Samsung subs and speakers in other rooms using it’s App.

For control, you have options in your hands such as one remote which not gives controls of soundbar but also for TV, Alexa built-in voice control and App control.

If we consider all these smart features and facts!. Then I don’t have any reasons why Samsung Q950A is not a king in Soundbars.

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Which one is better between Bose 900 vs Samsung Q950A vs Bose 700?

Samsung Q950a

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