Hisense HS212f vs HS214 vs HS219: Sound, Specs, Price Comparison

Hisense HS212f vs HS214 vs HS219: In today’s battle, we are going to review and side by side compare Hisense HS212f vs HS219 vs HS214 soundbars to find out which one is really the best soundbar to buy for you in terms of sound quality, specs & features, design, and connectivity.

So let’s begin, comparing their features side by side!

Side by Side Comparison

Hisense HS212f vs HS214 vs HS219: Which one is best?

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  • WI-FI
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What’s the Difference: Hisense HS212f vs HS214 vs HS219

Audio/Sound Quality

All three Hisense soundbars have pretty much similar specs, features and connectivity ports except their Audio and subwoofer output and that’s an important difference!

Hisense HS212f 2.1ch soundbar comes with 3 speakers and 1 wireless subwoofer which produces total 120W audio output along with 60W from the subwoofer.

Hisense HS214 2.1ch soundbar also has 3 speakers and a built-in subwoofer, but noticing thing here it doesn’t come with any separate subwoofer. This model product total of 108W audio output.

While Hisense HS214 2.1ch soundbar has 5 speakers (2 extra compared to HS212f & HS214) and 1 wireless subwoofer which gives total of 320W audio output along with 200W output from the wireless subwoofer.

Hisense HS212f vs HS214 vs HS219
Hisense HS212f vs HS214 vs HS219: quick comparison

From this comparison, we can see that Hisense HS219 has louder audio/sound and bass output compared to the other two models.

Hisense HS212f vs HS214 vs HS219 Sound Quality Winner: Hisense HS219, as it has louder speakers and subwoofer.

Conclusion – Winner

Without a doubt, Hisense hs219 is the winner in this comparison, as it latest launched model with louder speakers and subwoofer. Plus, I also liked the design which is more compact than hs212f and hs214.

I hope enjoyed this comparison and liked my efforts for this post. If you find something missing please let me know in the comments and I will add that.

And if you have any suggestions or want me to compare other soundbars then also comment that below, I will be happy to compare them.

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FAQ: Most asked questions about Hisense HS218 vs HS219

Is Hisense a good brand for soundbar?

Yes, they offer affordable soundbars with good audio quality and design. And the best part they instantly connect with Roku series TVs.

Which one is better b/w Hisense HS212f vs HS214 vs HS219?

Hisense HS219, as it has louder speakers and subwoofer.

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